Brief History of Activewear Fashion

There is no denying that fashion plays a significant role in our day-to-day lives. Typically, you will find people wearing different clothes depending on the occasion: holiday wear, official wear, smart-casual, activewear, etc. Let’s walk down memory lane and focus on the evolution of gym fashion.


Workout clothes became a fashion for the first time during this decade, with many gym enthusiasts preferring to don the right outfit during workout sessions.


The tracksuit had been released, so people rushed to have a piece of the fashion in their wardrobe. Those without tracksuits would look out of place in the gym or during group workout sessions.


From simple lose-fitting bloomers and baggy pants to leggings, crop tops, yoga pants, and long sleeve workout tops you see online, activewear has come a long way. The activewear brand AIMN offers high quality modern tights and long sleeve work out tops.

You have seen or heard about the famous leg warmers, right? They are associated with this decade. Also emerging in the 80s were dance rights and bright colours. With cardio classes introduced too, ladies had every reason to dress appropriately for sessions.


Although this period left behind sweatbands and legwarmers, tights, leggings, and leotards continued to rule. The fashion became more of pigtails and layering but less of bold prints.


Workout clothes had become far much functional by this time, with yoga pants becoming a thing for many people. That was because yoga classes had hit unprecedented popularity.


Today, activewear is more sophisticated than ever before. What we have now is a blend of previous styles and high-quality breathable materials that feel super comfortable on the body.